Process Intelligence

Today’s companies track, manage, and execute most processes, meaning they already have a record of process-related information. However, organizations need the right tool to recreate an end-to-end view of the process and optimize it for greater efficiency.

Process Intelligence enables your company to ingest, merge, and analyze this wealth of data so that patterns and insights can be discovered that offer new opportunities for operational efficiency and enhanced customer experiences. With Process Intelligence, businesses can automatically build and analyze processes in real time to identify bottlenecks and predict future outcomes to facilitate decision-making of technology investments.

Initium SoftWorks (ISW) provides the process intelligence capabilities needed to help you derive the most value and insight from your process data.

Uncover Automation Opportunities

ISW works with our customers to analyze, quantify, and target digital transformation and automation initiatives that will have the greatest impact on processes. Once these opportunities have been uncovered, process analysis uses process recording to accelerate the development of automations. A user’s actions can be replayed in the automated workflow to display the mapped-out process right in front of you.

Automated Workflow Map
Monitoring and Alert Capabilities

Identify Trends

By tracking employee and technology throughput and other key process elements, we can Identify trends and suggest ways to improve processes. Monitoring and alert capabilities maintain ongoing protocols to prevent bad processes from occurring by notifying the right staff and automating remediation.

Identifying trends helps companies to predict the next steps within the process flow just by observing past events and to optimize the decision-making process when reviewing new technology.

Know Your Entire Process

Process Intelligence can show each event in a process, including the most ad-hoc and variable workflows, in a matter of seconds. Seamless integration provides a single location from which to visualize and analyze all your business processes end-to-end, no matter how many back-end systems are being used.

Workflow Process Analyzing
Predicting Business Outcomes

Predict Outcomes

With Process Intelligence, your company can predict how ongoing processes will be affected by historical patterns in process execution. Predictive analytics help your organization continuously adjust and optimize processes.

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