Content Services

Content Services, including Enterprise Content Management (ECM), promote the understanding of information, including:

  • Where it needs to go
  • Who needs to access it
  • Which systems depend on it
  • When it should be stored, retrieved, or destroyed

You can trust Initium SoftWorks (ISW) to design a comprehensive and technology agnostic content management strategy that aligns with your business objectives.

Case Management

Case Management enables you to manage data relationships, documents, and processes in a single platform while empowering employees to effectively manage cases and make better business decisions.

These solutions increase visibility into an entire case — whether that’s a customer relationship, project, or incident/issue and more — equipping you to make improvements and increase effectiveness over time.

Case management allows your company to store and track the lifecycle of digital documents. Data from diverse sources can be merged for a complete view of your information and placed into automated workflows.

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File Management & Sharing

File management overcomes challenges to employee productivity, enabling workers to access documents when and where they need to from any device and from any integrated line of business application. With file management, employees can collaborate with each other or with clients while keeping documents secure.

Forms Management

Centralize all your company’s forms, make them accessible at any time on any device, and connect them to key data sources. Forms can be made accessible from your website so users can easily complete and submit them. By integrating forms with your systems, you can automate processes and gain better visibility.

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Integration Software

Integrate your mission-critical applications using a centralized platform that can transmit necessary information across applications and incorporate it into workflows or other business processes. Integration software can connect endpoints and unite data with documents providing bidirectional communication between systems.

Mobile Content Management

Give your employees the tools they need to be productive wherever they are. ISW can provide content management and automation across devices by connecting them to your core systems.

With mobile content management capabilities, workers in the field can:

  • Submit forms
  • Upload attachments
  • Capture electronic signatures from their preferred devices
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Workflow Automation

Workflow automation eliminates bottlenecks, making your whole organization more productive. By automating content management workflows, you can reduce the time needed to:

  • Search for Documents
  • Route and Approve Documents
  • Enter and Capture Data

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