DatumSync – Integrations

Visibility across the entire organization is key for efficiency and overall business success. Initium SoftWorks (ISW) is leading the charge with our integrations solutions for organizations of every size. With our DatumSync technology, you’ll enjoy real-time visibility into the documents, metadata, and workflows managed by your Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform from your other Lines of Business (LOB) applications, including your Content Relationship Management (CRM) platform and more. 

Our solutions allow you to capture, view, and exchange documents and data between standard and custom objects in your applications and platforms with a technology-agnostic approach. This accelerates the implementation cycle and leverages native CRM and other LOB functionality. You’ll also enjoy expanding integration capabilities and the optimization of license management. 


DatumSync Cloud-based Integration

This cloud-based integrations platform allows your organization to perform codeless and seamless integrations with most CRMs, ERPs, and other Lines of Business applications.

Configurable Mapping Logic

Stores all your mapping and logic associated with how your data and documents are synced.

Data Mapping and Logic
API Translation for CRM Integration


RESTful API translates APIs into a readable JSON text that enables integration with your CRM and other applications.

Audit Log

The Audit Log documents the activity within your software systems, providing API-level logging for support of your audit requirements.

API-level logging
ECM data processing

Session Management

This tool optimizes the availability of concurrent enterprise content platform sessions with efficient data processing.

Bulk Export Agent and Manager (BEAM)

BEAM is a powerful solution that frees your company from the constraints of custom expert scripts by providing ECM users with the ability to configure and schedule bulk exports of documents and data from the platform.

Bulk Data Transfer

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