Intelligent Data Capture (IDC)

Many organizations still rely on information contained within paper and image format documents. The process of manually extracting this information eats up a lot of employee time and energy, as well as resources of your business that can be put to better use. Let Initium SoftWorks (ISW) show you how Intelligent Data Capture (IDC) makes data capture from physical documents easy.

ISW is an industry leader in IDC, with extensive experience and expertise in providing IDC services to organizations across all industries and their manner of processes. We will provide the tools to automate your extraction process from every type of document, drastically reducing data capture time and freeing up employees to focus on activities that improve ROI.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

NLP capabilities provide data capture from documents that hold unstructured data, meaning data that cannot easily be organized. Examples include emails, text files, videos, photos, recordings, and written notes or transcripts.

NLP automations understand these disparate documents in the same manner as a human would, eliminating the time of manually transcribing and entering data.

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The auto-learning capabilities of IDC defines behavioral patterns in data. Utilizing machine learning, NLP, and feedback from users of your systems, auto-learning helps speed up your time to production by reducing ongoing system support and maintenance costs.

Multi-Channel Input

Multi-channel data entry allows for the processing of both paper and digital documents coming from multiple sources in a single flow, including multifunction printers, network scanners, emails, file transfer protocols (FTPs), application programming interfaces (APIs), web posts, and mobile devices.

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Advanced Document Classification

Using its deep learning neural network, advanced document classification technology detects and sorts your incoming documents and files by appearance or pattern, optimizing your data-driven processes.

High Scalability

Whether you need to process 5 million documents per day or just 50, ISW has the solution just for you. Our tools scale IDC both vertically and horizontally, to support high volume and fast document processing scenarios.

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Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Powered by artificial intelligence, ICR analyzes handwritten data to help accelerate document processing and increase recognition levels, while OCR reads and extracts machine printed text whether it’s in fields, marks, or full body text formats.

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