Process Automation for Insurance Companies

Humans make mistakes – often a lot of them. So don’t leave things to chance when it comes to your insurance company’s essential processes.

When you partner with ISW for our process automation services, you’ll enjoy a custom automation plan that addresses the specific needs of your business within the insurance industry. The rules-based software that we implement with AI-assist will greatly improve accuracy, speed up processing, bolster security, boost productivity, enhance the customer experience, and more.

Intelligent Data Capture

Expedite process automation using IDC to turn documents and data into actionable information.

Automated Transaction Processing

Streamline and automate daily operations such as account openings and application processing.

Document & Content Management

Replace costly and inefficient manual operations with Intelligent Data Capture, Content Services Workflow, and RPA.

Advanced Data Capture

Enable trace and audit of the acquisition of all customer and application data for regulatory compliance.

Transform Streams of Documents Into Actionable Data

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Insurance Use Cases

Policy Administration

Meet the growing demands of business by automating the collection, entry, policy standing, adjustment demands, and verification of insurance data with Intelligent Data Capture.

Claims Regulation and Processing

Advanced data capture technologies automate the collection of information from paper and digital application and claims forms, allowing you to process these documents more accurately and cost efficiently.


Significantly speed up the data collection and take the guesswork out of the risk analysis process. RPA will significantly improve the efficiency of underwriting and reduce overall production time.


Automations work around the clock to process billing, payment forms, and other insurance transactions, cutting business processing costs, eliminating manual billing challenges, and allowing employees to focus on customer service.


Accounts Payable

All your documents and invoices can be captured electronically, indexed automatically with data from your ERP or accounting software, and made available for processing immediately.


Use technology to conduct business, comply with regulations, connect with customers, and handle an influx of business. 

Human Resources

HR Automation can improve efficiency and reduce cycle time for HR departments by digitizing and simplifying digital content and document-centric tasks. Ensure compliance with HR policies across the institution.

Legal & Compliance

Protect your organization from risk and compliance failure through a central repository controls access using rules that are set up to your requirements and compliance needs.

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