From Flummoxed to Overjoyed – ISW Client Success Story for Document Preservation

Tired businesswoman with paperwork workload

What would you do with several million archival pages  you need to organize, preserve, and store for posterity? This is the situation our client was in. The project had stumped all of her predecessors— nobody knew how to tackle this enormous project in a reasonable amount of time with the conservative resources available. It was just her and one other person working on it.  

Enter, COVID. The pandemic sent everyone home amplifying the manpower issue even further. How could they do this project remotely? 

Our client searched for solutions. She was referred to Initium SoftWorks by her ERP solutions provider. After a few initial phone calls to get familiar with ISW and discuss the challenges she was up against, ISW proposed a solution.  

The first part of the solution involved scanning the physical documents to digitize them. ISW recommended a scanner option that would be fast and provide excellent quality images.  

The next step was accomplished by using an RPA bot to log into Sharepoint, download the scanned documents, and pass them to ABBYY FineReader to create searchable archivable PDFs using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology.  

Finally, an RPA bot was used to reindex the documents properly within SharePoint.  

Although this is a fairly simple process for an experienced team of technology consultants, the privacy considerations around this collection of materials needed special consideration. Other companies were unable to resolve this issue. Mainly, competitor companies needed to one, view materials before they could recommend a solution, and two, work on a remote server – both of which posed a breach in confidentiality for this client.  

At ISW, our experienced team has worked with so many different types of documents, collections, and companies that they were confident proposing a solution without seeing document content.  

The other advantage our ISW team had was being able to pull from our knowledge of multiple types of technology to create a full process that would work seamlessly to achieve the objective.  

We celebrate our client and the success she has found in being able to accomplish this enormous project within a few years instead of the 20 – 25 she estimated it would have taken otherwise. Her supervisors are impressed with the solution and all report a very smooth partnership with the ISW team. Owen and Collins (valued ISW consultants) listened, understood the dilemma, and provided a solution.