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Robotic and Business Process Automation experts from
Initium SoftWorks discuss:
Process Automation for Tax Documents and Data – How to Speed up Your Tax Process
Recorded Thursday, July 21, 2022 @ 3PM EDT

David Guzinski

Principal, Sr. Solutions Consultant at Initium SoftWorks LLC

Collins Sarmento

Principal, Director of IDC and Process Automation at Initium SoftWorks LLC

With constantly changing regulations, it can be tough to keep up and get the work done for tax season. There is considerable discussion about Process Automation in the tax industry to help replace and automate tedious, repetitive and manual tasks. But what can we automate and how does it benefit small and midsized businesses?

This webinar answers the most commonly asked questions about automating tax documents and data and discusses how your business can:​

  • Find more time to keep up with changing regulations
  • Increase business productivity
  • Reduce manual errors
  • Eliminate boring, repetitive, manual tasks

Table of Contents:

  • 00:00.00 Introduction
  • 00:30.28 Agenda
  • 01:27.03 Speaker Introductions
  • 02:24.28 Understanding the Need
  • 03:24.16 Poll: How much is this like your org?
  • 04:16.06 Use Cases
  • 08:16:00 Demo Overview
  • 09:46.22 Demo Part 1 – Intelligent Data Capture
  • 16:58.15 Demo Part 2: RPA – Form Data Entry/Prep
  • 18:29.00 Demo Automating Data Entry for Form W-9
  • 19:35.23 Demo Automating Data Entry for From 5500
  • 20:41.22 Demo Automating Data Entry for Form 1040
  • 21:52.02 Technologies used
  • 24:31.13 Poll: How much time saved w Automation
  • 25:20.27 Benefits of Process Automation
  • 28:54.20 ISW Overview
  • 30:24.10 Q&A
  • 35:53.08 Free Offer
  • 36:45.00 Upcoming Webinars
  • 37:26.00 Free Consultation

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