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Are Manual Process Slowing Down Your Business

Replace traditional paper with digital documents that are easily searched, accessed, managed and processed

By automating document-driven business processes and eliminating manual labor, ISW helps government organizations achieve the highest levels of security, reliability, scalability, and efficiency.

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Accelerate Work

Streamline request and approvals using E-Forms and automated workflows.

Ensure Compliance

Ensure compliance with local, state and federal requirements using integrated checklists, triggers, and alerts

Digitize and Centralize

Process high volumes of documents within a short amount of time and automatically index them into a centralized location.

Gain Strategic Insights Into Your Process

Enabling trace and audit of the acquisition of all customer and application data for regulatory compliance.

Transform Streams of Documents Into Business‑Ready Data


Use Cases

Document and Content Management

Digitize and index decades of paper documents for fast and easy retrieval, and eliminate most of your file storage

Tax Form Processing

Handling tax forms manually can be extremely expensive and time consuming.

Use Intelligent Data Capture and RPA, to automate the capture of any document into any system.

ID Processing

Process IDs and Passports in real-time using Intelligent Data Capture .

Citizen Engagement

Take advantage of technologies such as automated capture of paper documents, online and mobile access, and self-service portals, so citizens are able to engage with agencies on their terms.


With intelligent content services in place, inspectors can improve collaboration, complete more inspections and more efficiently manage caseloads.

Court Case Management

Capture information quickly, making it readily available to the courtroom or location without the need for copying, printing or transport.

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